How to manage the server remotely

The production installer allows the CompleteFTP manager application to be installed separately on any machine, and no license is required. The only requirement is that the server is reachable from the manager machine.

Once installed, the hostname of the server must be supplied (instead of the default localhost). The default port is 14983, and SFTP is used for the communication protocol. An example is shown below:

There are two configuration changes you may need to make:

  1. If the manager machine is outside the local network, you may need to add firewall rules that permit it to connect to the server via SFTP on port 14983.
  2. By default the "Admin" site on the server only permits connections from localhost. This is for security reasons. You will need to set an IP filtering rule for the "Admin" site that allows external IP addresses to connect to CompleteFTP. See here for how to change the Admin site settings.