How to set up the server certificate

When using FTPS and HTTPS, the server must have an SSL certificate installed. The certificate is an integral part of how the secure connection is established.
By default, a server certificate is already installed. It can be viewed via the Server certificate setting in the FTP/FTPS group of settings. Selecting the "..." button (see below) will bring up the Server Certificate dialog box.

The default certificate has a Common Name (CN) of "localhost", and is a self-signed certificate. By convention, the CN is often set to the hostname of the server for use in server validation, and another self-signed certificate with the desired hostname as CN can be generated by selecting "Create a new self-signed certificate" (below). This will replace the existing certificate.

On production machines, certificates issued by a certificate authority (CA) may be required. If the server will be accessed from HTTPS or FTPS clients external to the organization (e.g. across the Internet) then a CA certificate is essential. Many organizations already have CA certificates issued and centrally controlled. Otherwise, you will need to purchase and install a CA certificate.